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Marine Spacer Tube - Mossberg 930
Competition Forearm Retainer - Mossberg 930
Enhanced Competition Follower - Mossberg 930
Competition Spring Plunger - Mossberg 930
Enhanced Bolt Release - Mossberg 930
Competition Part Combos - Mossberg 930

Competition Parts - Mossberg 940

Glock Sight Saddle - Mossberg

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OR3GUN is bundling many of our popular Mossberg 930/935/940 parts into special packages for Pitch Black Friday through Competition Week.

Pitch Black Friday Combo Waterfowl Weekend Combo Competition Week Combo
$ 159.95
$ 139.95 $ 149.95

Multi-Use MST
Multi-Use Plunger
4-Position ASR
Field Follower (Red Cinder)
Field Fit CFR
Tactile Bolt Release

(Pitch Black Anodized)

BONUS! OR3GUN First Aid Kit


940 Plunger (Gold Dust)
940 ASR (Gold Dust)
940 Follower (High Desert)
940 CFR (Damp Earth)
940 Bolt Release (High Desert)

(Anodized Mixed 'Prairie Camo' Colors)

BONUS! OR3GUN Prairie Hat


Competition MST
Competition Plunger
4-Position ASR
ECF Follower
Quad Ready CFR
Tactile Bolt Release

(Polished Marine Blue Anodized)

BONUS! OR3GUN Flashlight

Supplies are limited and this sale ends December 2nd.