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OR3GUN™ Sight Saddle for Mossberg® Shotguns

The OR3GUN Sight Saddle™ (SS-MOSS) system for Mossberg vent-rib equipped shotguns allows you utilize any Glock® format front sight as your shotgun's front sight. A coordinated rear sight or round-barrel adapter is also available. Our Sight Saddle - Optic™ (SS-OPTIC) allows low-profile, direct to receiver mounting of popular Vortex and Burris micro red-dot sights to most Mossberg shotguns. Laser sights and lights are easily mounted to Mossberg pumps like the 590 Shockwave using our new Sight Saddle - Light Rail Platform™ (SS-LRP) with included Magpul rail section. The SS-LRP can also be adapted to the Mossberg 930/935.

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Front Sight

Gun Sports


(For Durability)

Glock Platform
(For Compatibility)

Pitch Black
$18.95 In Stock
w/ Shims

Gun Sports


(For Durability)

Includes Shims
(For Elevation)

Pitch Black
$43.95 In Stock
Round Barrel

Gun Sports


Sight Saddle

(for Mossbergs)

Pitch Black
$9.95 In Stock
Sight Saddle

Gun Sports


Requires Micro

Includes 8-40 Screws
(Receiver Mount)

Pitch Black
$39.95 In Stock
Sight Saddle
Light Rail

Gun Sports



Magpul Rail

Pitch Black
$29.95 Low Stock

There is no a shortage of sights on the market for shotguns, but many of the most innovative sight designs are only available for pistols. Sights suitable for a match with both daylight and night elements are even slimmer pickings. It didn't require the OR3GUN Project to look beyond our own pistols for a simple solution. We set out to mount a Glock front sight to a Mossberg vent rib and match it to a specially designed rear sight. Mission accomplished.

Bottom of SightSaddle

While most of the OR3GUN team does run a Glock in competition, our sight choice was supported by analyzing the sheer number of options available for the platform. The vast majority of aftermarket Glock sights are available in the same .165" height as OEM. With our team shooting a few night matches each year, we wanted to be able to utilize night sights on our competition 930s without losing our daytime zero. We also wanted our sights hard-set to minimize the risk of the sights working their way out of adjustment.

Installed SightSaddle w/ Ameriglo Pro Glo and TruGlo Rear

Glock sight equipped Sight Saddles (such as those shown below) can allow quick changes of fiber optic rods or feature tritium (night sight) and dayglow (or glow-in-the-dark) elements within the same sight. While there may be individual shotgun sights out there with some of these features, ours operate as a system that shares the same zero.

SightSaddles with Variety of Glock Sights

With our Sight Saddles, you can have a whole variety of front sights ready to easily change for the conditions of a given match, without having to worry about your zero changing too.

Once we had developed the Sight Saddle System for your vent rib, we turned our focus to getting the most popular micro red-dot optics mounted to the receiver for open division guns, hunters and those with vision issues making a red-dot the best choice for their shotgun.

SightSaddle Optic w/ Vortex Venom SightSaddle Optic w/ Burris FastFire

The Sight Saddle - Optic is a sleek way to mount a micro red-dot from Vortex (Venom/Viper) or Burris (Fast Fire Series) to your Mossberg shotgun. As most Mossberg shotguns manufactured since the mid 1990s feature an 8-40 tapped receiver, the Sight Saddle Optic is the lowest profile, most efficient approach to mounting these optics in a position that gives a wide field of view and requires the least amount of rise adjustment to your stock. While there are receiver to stock optic mounts for other shotguns, the Mossberg's tang safety has left most companies to ignore the Mossberg when it comes to optic mounts. Until now, the only official option has been a receiver rail and factory rail mount. These are considerably higher in profile and compound the cost for guns without an existing rail.

SightSaddle Optic vs. Rail Mount

While it is a bit of a departure for us, when the Mossberg 590 Shockwave came out we were intrigued. We quietly waited for the aftermarket to allow addition of a simple light/laser combo. What we saw were $150 multi-purpose skeletons that went against the nature of such a compact gun. We just wanted a green laser and a white light mounted to the forend where we could get at it from any point in the pump cycle to cut through the fog.

SightSaddle - LRP Installed SightSaddle - Light Rail Platform SightSaddle - LRP on Shockwave

The Sight Saddle - Light Rail Platform is a simple way to mount a Light/Laser to any Mossberg factory polymer 'Corn Cob' forearm. As the Shockwave was designed to pack a punch into a lightweight package, we saw a giant hole in the market for a light mount with the same philosophy. The SS-LRP mounts between your Shockwave's forearm and the factory strap using the longer, included screws. (While the vast majority of strap mounting holes in the last 15 years have been compatible, we have encountered some on recent Shockwaves that vary from this standard spacing and may need re-drilled.) The SS-LRP includes a lighweight, polymer Magpul MOE 5-Position Rail section at no additional cost.

CNC Services - LRP Cut SightSaddle - LRP on 930

As shown above, we have also adapted the SS-LRP to the Mossberg 930/935 and incorporated a recessed mounting option into our CNC Services for 930/935 forearms. The drop-down for this optional service will allow you to select the CNC cut compatible with easy, aligned mounting of the Sight Saddle - Light Rail Platform. This cut must be combined with our Twins or Quad Cut, with or without the OR3GUN logo. Simply purchase the SS-LRP on this page and then add the CNC Service for your existing forearm.

One of the ways the OR3GUN team has found to utilize the Rear Sight Saddle in night competition is with a strip of industrial grade photoluminescent (glow in the dark) tape coupled with our favorite Ameriglo ProGlo (photoluminescent/tritium) front sight. A two second charge with a flashlight keeps it well lit for the entire stage and usable for over an hour. If there are delays, the tritium will continue to glow, leaving a standard night sight at front.

Complete Front/Rear Sight Saddle sets now include a strip of this high-strength, wear resistant, photoluminescent tape.

Slightly elevated view of night sights

Your Glock compatible front sight (not included) is secured using a standard Glock sight tool (also not included). The entire front Sight Saddle mounts to the existing threaded front bead hole using the included 5-40 screw. While shipped to be spot-on with most 930 competition guns, two shims are included with our full set, allowing for elevation correction when one or both shims are used under the front or rear sight. The rear Sight Saddle can be mounted in the mid-bead position (using factory 5-40 threads) or you may drill (# 38) and tap (5-40) your vent rib to mount it further back.

Front SightSaddle Complete SightSaddle Set Rear SightSaddle

The OR3GUN Sight Saddle is precision machined from 6061 T6 alloy. Each Sight Saddle includes a black 5-40 screw that will secure the adapter to your existing threaded bead holes. The Sight Saddle is de-horned and de-burred to a matte finish, then anodized in OR3GUN's Pitch Black to blend in nicely with the rest of your gun. The front Sight Saddle can be used alone, with factory Mossberg adjustable rear (turkey) sights or OR3GUN's own rear sight.

SightSaddle Rear Sight

The installed set (when using a standard Glock 0.165" height) corrects the range of adjustment typically needed to zero for 50 yard slug impact with both shims up front. Aftermarket 0.220" competition Glock format sights up front will usually require no shims at all for a 50 yard slug impact using Fiocchi 1 Oz Low-Recoil slugs.

Check out our new Sight Saddle YouTube video, detailing advantages of the system for the Mossberg platform.

Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, those on this page are not currently for sale outside of the United States. We have begun selling specific combinations of our parts to customers in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you reside in one of these countries, please make your purchase from our International page only. International orders generated from elsewhere will be cancelled.

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