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OR3GUN™ Competition Forearm Retainer for Mossberg® 930/935

The OR3GUN Competition Forearm Retainer™ (CFR-930) for Mossberg 930/935 series shotguns is the key component in minimizing forearm to receiver gap, facilitating a smooth dual or quad friendly loading port.

Natural Habitat Features Finish Price Status ORDER
Anodized T6 Alloy

Drop-In w/ OEM
Polymer Forearms

OEM Style Overlap


Pitch Black

$38.95 In Stock
Anodized T6 Alloy

Drop-In w/ Modified
Quads/Twins Port Work

Ramped Receiver Overlap


Pitch Black

$39.95 In Stock
Storm Gray Anodized

Drop-In for
Pro Series

(& other Wood forearms)


Storm Gray

$37.95 Low Stock

The OR3GUN Project™ was born out of 3-Gun, so it is only natural that the first versions of each of our products cater to this core group. We’ve all witnessed the evolution of lessened overhang on the tail of Mossberg’s 930 forearm and the opening of loading ports in the receiver. Mossberg themselves have made minor changes to their recent models in an effort to accommodate faster loading. While techniques and patterns have evolved with loading techniques, they are all limited by the loose tolerances found in the OEM Forearm Retainer. Once again, we've got the solution.

OR3GUN Competition Forearm Retainer

The OR3GUN Competition Forearm Retainer replaces the Mossberg OEM 'Forearm Retainer’ (located on your magazine tube between the forend and receiver) to complement loading ports modified for competition speed loading. The rapid acceptance of new dual and quad loading techniques have required that attention finally be paid to the space between receiver and forearm. The factory configuration leaves just enough gap to regularly catch the extraction lip of shot shells on quad loading attempts. Simply stated, there's a lot of room for improvement to the factory part.

CAD Drawing of OEM vs OR3GUN parts

The OR3GUN CFRs have generously extended forearm retention tangs in order to eliminate the factory forearm flex at the receiver and close the gap between. The portion that overhangs the receiver is also wider than OEM and is already CNC machined with a 'ramp' (Twins/Quad Ready) or an OEM style overlap (Anodized Field Fit) or is profiled for the wood stocked 930 versions (Sporting Fit).

OR3GUN developed the Competition Forearm Retainers for incorporation into new or existing Mossberg 930 loading port modifications. The primary purpose is to raise the forearm higher along the receiver and reduce the gap in front of the loading port.

The 6061 T6 aluminum alloy greatly strengthens this critical component and allows it to blend with your specific loading port and forearm profile.

The Field Fit versions are designed to drop right into your OEM Polymer Forearm and eliminate much of the gap without modification to any components, including those expensive camouflaged forearms. The anodized finish options available in color coordinated Combos are a nice touch for newer 930 models where the CFR will be partially exposed.

Field Fit CFR Field Fit CFRs Side by Side

The Sporting Fit version is designed to fit the Mossberg Pro Series Sporting model with wood stock. This version is a completely different design with a different radius and tang profile to snug the Pro Series Sporting's premium walnut stock to the receiver. It is anodized in Storm Gray to complement the gray finish of the Pro Series Sporting. It is also 100% compatible with other wood stock 930/935 versions.

Mossberg Pro Series Sporting CFR Fitment to Pro Series Sporting

Our most popular CFR versions are the CNC tapered Quads/Twins Ready models in both Pitch Black and Ice Storm finishes, both of which blend in nicely with most port work. These models can also be found in a variety of additional colors in special Combos for competition guns.

Anodized Quad Ready CFR Anodized Quad Ready Side by Side Polished Quad Ready CFR

Multiple versions of our Alloy Competition Forearm Retainer are now shipping.

Check out our CFR YouTube video, detailing the basic process of choosing a Competition Forearm Retainer version for your Mossberg.

Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, only a specific few of ours are currently for sale outside of the United States to select countries. As most non-combat shotgun parts are exempt from ITAR and conform to the EAR99 category for export, we have begun selling specific combinations of our parts to customers in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you reside in one of these countries, please make your purchase from our International page only. International orders generated from elsewhere will be cancelled. While shipping charges are calculated and included when you complete your purchase, localized customs fees may be levied at the destination.

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