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OR3GUN™ Enhanced Bolt Release for Mossberg® 930/935

The OR3GUN Enhanced Bolt Release™ (EBR-930) for Mossberg 930/935 series shotguns is a drop-in tactile and visual upgrade to any Mossberg 930/935 Shotgun. The unique skirted design of our button serves as an overtravel stop and doubles the diameter of the bolt release surface of your 930/935.

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(For Gloved Use)

Lowest Profile
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While there are a number of universal bolt release buttons on the market, none had been created specifically for the Mossberg 930/935 series of shotguns until our EBR-930. You might have noticed we're rather committed to the Mossberg platform. We decided that by designing one specific to the 930/935 we could save a lot of the fitment hassle in the process.

Birth of the EBR

There is NO DRILLING of any factory parts required. There is NO DISASSEMBLY of your shotgun necessary. In fact, there are NO TAPS, DRILL BITS or POWER TOOLS involved in any part of the EBR-930 installation process.

CAD Rendering of EBR Set Screw

All OR3GUN Enhanced Bolt Releases are precision machined from 6061 T6 alloy for a snug fit over the top of your factory bolt release. The EBR-930 includes a stainless steel set screw that will secure the button without modification to the OEM part. Once installed, the EBR button is the same raised profile as our Universal model and doubles the diameter of the bolt release surface of your 930/935.

Profile of Installed EBR

If you regularly shoot with gloved hands or run your shotgun at night, our Tactile button features a modern, yet distinct feel to the surface. This new version is a bit lower in profile and also seats deeper over the factory button than our original. This skirted design helps to prevent accidental shell feed to the lifter when manipulating your shotgun's controls in the dark or with gloves.

Profile of Tactile EBR

OR3GUN Enhanced Bolt Release

The EBR-930 features a skirted design, which helps prevent any overtravel of the release mechanism. As the Mossberg bolt release and shell stop have a bit of play from the factory, our EBR-930 will ensure a smooth, measured press of the bolt release under the frantic conditions of competition or hunting.

The back of our EBR-930 is radiused and softer than the 930 receiver's hard coat anodizing, as some receivers might otherwise show signs of contact with the back side of an oversized bolt release with regular use and certain press angles. If the tolerances of your bolt release mechanism reveal this potential cosmetic issue with the EBR-930, a thin mylar washer can be sourced to place between it and your receiver to eliminate this concern entirely.

Check out our EBR-930 YouTube video, detailing the installation process for 930/935.

The complete Enhanced Bolt Release line (Mossberg Specific & Universal) is now shipping in a variety of colors.

Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, only a specific few of ours are currently for sale outside of the United States to select countries. As most non-combat shotgun parts are exempt from ITAR and conform to the EAR99 category for export, we have begun selling specific combinations of our parts to customers in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you reside in one of these countries, please make your purchase from our International page only. International orders generated from elsewhere will be cancelled. While shipping charges are calculated and included when you complete your purchase, localized customs fees may be levied at the destination.

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