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OR3GUN™ Enhanced Competition Follower for Mossberg® 930/935/940/500/590

The OR3GUN Enhanced Competition Follower™ (ECF-930) for Mossberg 930/935/940 series shotguns is an upgrade to visibility and proper feeding in any Mossberg 12-Gauge Shotgun with or without an extended magazine tube. The addition of our new Enhanced Waterfowl Follower™ is designed for non-competition applications where there is no magazine extension installed, nor any loading port modification, but there IS a need to retain the factory round limiter.

Natural Habitat Application Features Color Price Status ORDER



(w/ Teflon® Finish)

Radiused Edges
(Less Finish Wear)

Bright Color
(Easy to Show Clear)




$23.95 Mixed Stock
Color Choice:


(w/ Pre Polish)

Relief Groove
(Traps Debris)

Revised End
(Retains Plug)


Red Cinder

$24.95 Low Stock

While it would seem that the last thing the world needs is another 12-Gauge Follower, years of competitive shooting prompted us to design one anyway for a number of reasons. As the OR3GUN Project™ was born out of 3-Gun, our initial products in a given line are designed around the needs specific to the sport.

Primarily, our experience inspired us to create a follower that is easier to quickly distinguish as 'clear' in fast-paced competition applications.

ECF in Minimally Modified Loading Port

Wait just a second, isn't orange or red a perfectly good color for that? The list of things to go wrong in hasty quad loading and/or shotgun dump have left many a shooter with a DQ when discovered their shotgun wasn't empty after all. Here's how the industry standards for shot shell and follower colors/profiles have contributed:

Shell vs Follower Exhibit A Shell vs Follower Exhibit B Shell vs Follower Exhibit C Shell vs Follower Exhibit D

The majority of bulk pack and other common shot shell types seen in 3-gun can be quickly mistaken for standard followers in both color and design. When an RO that may not be used to what a shooter is running checks a grounded shotgun in a dump box, we like to give them every possible reason to take a closer look. Unless you run rarely encountered blue shot shells, the OR3GUN Enhanced Competition Follower is a better contrast for 'clear' in competition.

What are the odds of loading a shell backwards, really? We used to think it was just the local newbie that did things like that, until we saw a popular sponsored shooter on Facebook with their gear all loaded up like this for a stage:

Belt Error Dramatization

The image quickly disappeared from their sponsor's feed after becoming Facebook Fodder for the day, but it was a lesson that we ALL make mistakes, no matter how many logos are on our shirts.

Since there IS a wide variety of shells on the market, we have also tried to make as many options available in our Combos to accommodate your particular preference. While Marine Blue is our recommended color, we offer others as anodizing runs allow. Non-standard colors are available on a first come, first served basis. Colors also vary a bit from lot to lot.

Typical ECF Color Options

We didn't simply create a different colored follower and call it a day. You will find that our Enhanced Competition Follower is long enough for proper transition over minor imperfections in magazine tube extensions, but short enough to avoid consuming valuable shell capacity in most applications. The inside is sized to accommodate the largest variety of OEM and aftermarket springs. We have also polished and anodized our 6061 T6 alloy follower for reduced friction.

OR3GUN Enhanced Competition Follower

Bolt closed/empty tube reloads and starts with opened loading ports are where you will really start to see the benefits of our design. Rather than using the traditional machining process of a simple chamfer on relevant edges, we have taken a more rounded approach.

The lack of hard edges helps the anodized finish wear longer and our radius approach is a better way to keep from hanging the crimped end of your shot shell up on any portion of the follower. The rounded edges also glide smoothly over minor seams and transitions in your magazine tube or extension.

Since we're from Oregon, we also made sure that our Drain (the name of an actual town near us) is amply large as well. We have designed the end to peek out just a bit more than most followers to satisfy your favorite RO and allow you to feel the difference. The vent/drain hole is an advantage over the OEM follower in these guns as it doesn't trap moisture in the otherwised closed magazine of many models. Allowing the magazine to breathe helps prevent the magazine tube and follower corrosion issues common in certain climates.

If you need to retain the factory round limiter for certain hunting applications, our Waterfowl Follower (in Red Cinder) is the version you are looking for.

As we know that followers can be one of the more finicky items in the tuning of a specific gun, (especially in light of the trend toward radical loading port and lifter modifications,) we didn't want ours to break the bank for those wanting to give it a try. The usage appropriate follower is included in many Combos found elsewhere on our site.

Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, those on this page are not currently for sale outside of the United States.

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