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OR3GUN™ Component Combos for Mossberg® 930/935

The OR3GUN Component Combos™ for Mossberg 930/935 series shotguns combine the parts most commonly ordered together into value-priced packages. Component Combos also serve to showcase product variations in limited runs of a specific color or part combination.

Natural Habitat Components Included Price Status ORDER
Multi-Use Combo

Multi-Use MST

Field Fit CFR

Multi-Use CSP

(Pitch Black Anodized)

(Save $12.90)
In Stock
Competition Combo

Competition MST

Quad-Ready CFR

Competition Follower

(Marine Blue w/ Polished CFR)

(Save $9.90)
In Stock
Security Combo

Multi-Use MST

4-Position ASR

Field CSP

(Storm Gray w/ Teflon)

(Save $10.90)
Low Stock
Pro Competition Combo
w/ Competition ASR

Competition MST
Quad-Ready CFR
Competition Follower
Competition Plunger
Adj. Spring Retainer
Enhanced Bolt Release
(Marine Blue Anodized)

(Save $25.75)
In Stock
Pro Cold Competition Combo

Competition MST
Quad-Ready CFR
Competition Follower
Competition Plunger
Adj. Spring Retainer
Bolt Release (Tactile)
(Ice Storm Anodized)

(Save $27.75)
In Stock
Pro Multi-Use Combo

Multi-Use MST
Quad Ready (or Field Fit) CFR
Orange ECF Follower
Multi-Use Plunger
4-Position ASR
Bolt Release (Tactile)
(Pitch Black Anodized)

(Save $21.75)
In Stock
Forearm Retainer:
Enhanced Field Combo

Multi-Use MST

Field-Fit CFR

Field CSP

Field ASR

NEW! ECF Follower NEW!

(Damp Earth w/ Teflon)

(Save $17.80)
Low Stock
CFR/EBR Team Combo

Quad-Ready CFR
Enhanced Bolt Release
(Anodized in Select Colors)

Match your 930's external OR3GUN
parts to your 3-Gun team's colors!

(Save $4.95)
In Stock
Cold Weather Combo

OR3GUN Drink Tumbler

OR3GUN Knit Beanie

(Save $14.95)

It's back!

In Stock

We’ve been paying attention to the combinations of our parts most commonly purchased by customers and have created packages to make them more convenient and cost-effective to acquire. If you have a second 930 you have been waiting to outfit or you still haven't decided which parts to get for your first, these are proven combinations that are packaged and ready to go.

The OR3GUN Component Combos are all comprised of drop-in parts specific to the type of shooting your 930 will primarily be used for. As we develop other innovative products, we will be bringing them together on this page. Stay tuned!

New 'Field Fit' Combo on 935 Turkey

The OR3GUN Competition Forearm Retainers included in each combo are pre-fit for all receivers. Each is also designed to fit a specific type of factory or modified forearm profile.

Our Combos first introduced our new Field-Fit CFR, which is our RAW Alloy version, fitted specifically to cinch up factory polymer and wood forearms on Field/Waterfowl/Turkey models. This part makes it simple to replace the OEM plastic part with our robust 6061 T6 version.

The included Marine Spacer Tube is Multi-Use configuration and weight. The Competition Spring Plunger is our new Field version and combined with our new Quick Adjust Spring Retainer allows for switching between ~ 10% and 0% reduction in Effective Spring Rate while maintaining the captured tail of our original CSP design.


The skeletonized Field plunger is weighted to match the original Competition Spring Plunger. This combination allows lighter value pack loads to be run for practice, while still allowing for those full powered loads during hunting season by simply removing the recoil pad and adjusting the ASR.


The Field CSP/ASR is a matched set, designed specifically to address the needs of hunters that use their 930/935 with two specific load ranges and the time in-between to make a quick change of the recoil spring weight to accommodate these vastly different loads.

OR3GUN Field ASR Animation

With the Field CSP/ASR set to the lighter range, bulk packs and light loads can be used for flinch-free practice, saving those expensive hunting loads for the real deal once the set is dialed into the higher spring rate setting. The entire package is exclusively anodized for this Combo in our new Damp Earth finish (similar to Dark Earth), complete with Teflon additive.

The Green Algae Enhanced Field Combo was a limited edition run, as was the Pro Pink Competition Combo. The Pro Cold Competition Combo has been added to our regular Competition line!

Enhanced Field Combo in Green Algae Pink Competition Combo in Sunset Pink Cold Competition Combo in Ice Storm

The Pro Competition Combo includes all of our Competition Series parts in OR3GUN Marine Blue. This combo is what our OR3GUN Project shooters typically run at 3-Gun matches, specially anodized in the OR3GUN Project's team color.

Pro Competition Combo in Marine Blue

This exclusive package is currently the only way to get our Enhanced Bolt Release, Competition Spring Plunger and Adjustable Spring Retainer in our Marine Blue anodizing. The best part about this Combo? You essentially get a follower free AND greatly reduced shipping cost compared to the individual components.

Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, those on this page are not currently for sale outside of the United States. We have begun selling specific combinations of our parts to customers in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you reside in one of these countries, please make your purchase from our International page only. International orders generated from elsewhere will be cancelled.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. Spring rates are averages in properly lubed guns with new factory springs and are rounded to the nearest 5%.