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OR3GUN™ Competition Components for Mossberg® 940 Series

It's no secret to 3-Gunners that the OR3GUN line of competition 930 parts served as inpiration for Mossberg's 940 JM Pro. While the 940 is a vast improvement over a factory 930, there is still some room for enhancements to be made when compared to a full 'OR3GUN Ready' 930. We started with the overlooked recoil system and have created a 940 specific Competition Spring Plunger and Quick-Adjust Spring Retainer set. We have also introduced an Enhanced Bolt Release specific to the 940. More products are on the way!

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July 2020

While several internal upgrades were made, one of the most critical was left on the table. Hidden inside your return spring tube is the same design and (exact spring) that caused issues with the 930 at higher round counts. (Since this is the same issue, see our 930 CSP page for complete details.) As the 930 has the same recoil system issues as the 930, including the sharp spring burr that eats away at the plunger, we have produced a version of our captured tail plunger specific to the 940. The familiar, sharp spring burr was found to be present on ALL 3 of the 940 JM PRO series guns we got in for prototyping and evaluation. They were sourced from different distributors and were hundreds of serial numbers apart. There have also been numerous reports of issues with 1200 FPS loads cycling reliably after the round count builds on OEM recoil system parts. After our own testing, evaluation and prototyping we have begun production of an ASR/CSP solution for the 940. (Please note, the 940 ASR/CSP components are NOT the same dimensions as the 930 versions. They are NOT compatible with each other!)

OR3GUN CSP for 940 JM Pro Installed OR3GUN CSP/ASR for 940 OR3GUN ASR for 940 JM Pro Installed

We have created a CSP/ASR package that should allow you to run bulk loads without issue in an otherwise 'healthy' 940. Just make sure you address that spring burr while you are in there to install your ASR/CSP set as this is still a concern carried over from the 930 models. The ASR/CSP for the 940 lowers the spring pre-load around 7% to improve cycling of lighter loads. The heavier position on the Quick Change ASR is tuned for full power 3" magnum loads. For most 3-Gun purposes, the lighter position will be suitable for light birdshot through standard buck/slug loads. Our CSP is a bit lighter in overall weight than the factory part as well as having the self-cleaning characteristics of our Field CSP found in our 930 parts section. The ASR is the 2-Position, Quick Change version also pioneered in our 930 parts line.

Mossberg's 'Gold' Button Prototypes with OR3GUN Gold Dust De-blinging a 940

Many were reportedly disappointed to find the external 'gold' accents on Mossberg's first few thousand shipping units were more of a 'matte mustard' than 'gold'. Others were simply unimpressed with the color scheme of the first available 940 model. Incidentally, sales of our existing Universal Bolt Release in Pitch Black more than tripled once the 940 started trickling out of the factory. We have since developed and begun production of a 940 specific version of our 'Tactile' Enhanced Bolt Release. This part encompasses the best features of all OR3GUN buttons for secure factory screw mounting with our aggressive, stylish texture and over-travel stop feature. We've also worked with our anodizers to come up with a process that renders a much nicer looking gold finish we call Gold Dust for some of our 930 and 940 parts going forward. This OR3GUN Gold Dust color is used on our 940 internals.

Many have already chosen the 930 Oversized Charging Handle or Nordic's version to replace the 'Matte Mustard' included from Mossberg. As you can see, simply separating the aluminum piece and replacing it will not be a feasible option as it is pressed, not screwed on to the host steel piece. With other products for the 930/935 suitable for the task, we aren't making this component a focus at this point.

Disecting a 940 Charging Handle

Nordic's magazine extension nut for the 930 is also a perfect compliment to a 940, hold the mustard. We are working on a replacement magazine nut that is decidedly OR3GUN in appearance. Stay tuned for details as this part may eventually be offered as part of a 940 Combo if demand warrants.

940 JM Pro Forearm Cap/Ramp

The 940 loading port is actually opened less forward than it appears at first glance. Our Enhanced Competition Follower is installed in both guns below to show the extent of the port work when compared to the same fixed point of receiver/shell stop/magazine tube relationship. The 940's polymer forearm retainer incorporates an extended receiver ramp/cap. It works great for traditional loading from caddies, less so for Twins. Quads? Not a great set-up. The cap and resulting overlap is necessary for loading comfort, based on the factory cut to the loading port creating a pretty sharp transition as you will see below.

OR3GUN 930 Caddy Cut vs 940 JM Pro Receiver

The above picture shows our older 930 Snow Goose project (from Facebook) with a conservative loading port for old-school caddy loading. The 940 forearm retainer is removed to show the base receiver cut, which includes a pretty abrupt edge at the end of the port. Quad loaders are going to want to do additional work to the port for smoother loading. As you can see, the side of the receiver cut on the 940 is more aggressive, but the overlapping OEM forearm retainer is more intrusive than our ramped CFR for the 930. We have had a solution in testing for a while that will be revealed soon. Follow our social media to be in the loop.

We mentioned 940's loading port cut appearing deeper cut than it actually is. In addition to the forearm retainer ramp/cap on the 940, the follower itself lends to the illusion of an aggressively opened port. The 940's OEM follower itself has a faux seating point that makes the profile of the follower protrude as though the port is cut deeper. Our existing line of 930 followers works perfectly on the 940, so your choice of competition color scheme can be accomplished with existing parts on the market from OR3GUN and others.

Mossberg 940, OR3GUN Competition, OR3GUN Waterfowl

Again, stay tuned to this page as well as our social media. We have several parts in various levels of prototyping and production for the 940. You've seen what we could do with the 930, so imagine what we have in store for the 940!

Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, those on this page are not currently for sale outside of the United States. We have begun selling specific combinations of our parts to customers in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you reside in one of these countries, please make your purchase from our International page only. International orders generated from elsewhere will be cancelled.

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